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wpc deck (14th Oct 19 at 2:15am UTC)
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{<p>Flying-ink phenomenon, that is, pollution of the environment, but also harm the health of workers, the following is a brief analysis of this problem.</p>
<p>One, the reason of flying ink</p>
<p>When the ink is transferred, the fiber is in two or more positions at the two contact rollers. When it is cut or elongated, the broken piece is generated, and the surface tension becomes spherical due to the surface tension. At this point, the bielectric layer at the interface between the fiber and the fragment is destroyed, with one layer remaining in the ink and the other escaping into the atmosphere with an opposite charge. As the fibers shorten, the residual charge in the ink gradually builds up on the rollers and the surface of the paper. Due to the same charge as the ink, when the debris is near the ink roller or paper, it is expelled in the air to form flying ink.</p>
<p>High speed machine in the use of high viscosity ink, low quality adhesive, easy to make ink in the roller rotation, pull born filament produced serious flying-ink phenomenon, so different types of printing presses need to choose the corresponding ink matching.</p><a href="">Cheap Printed Window Food Toast Packaging French Bread Brown Kraft Paper Packing Bag For Bakery</a><br/>
<p>A method of eliminating the phenomenon of flying ink in printing<br />
The printing factory</p>
<p>Second, the factors that affect flying ink</p>
<p>(1) the ink viscosity is too large, ink at the exit of the ink roller elongated, easy to produce flying ink, but also will cause uneven transmission of ink, so that the paper depilation and dedusting, so that the paper from the rubber cloth peeling difficult, easy flower plate, plate, etc. Viscosity is too small, ink layer division is not good, easy to produce flying ink, and easy to make ink emulsion, floating pollution, paste, dot expansion, affect the quality of printing products.</p><a href="">Custom Recyclable Biodegradable Gift Mask Carton Print Paper Box Packaging</a><br/>
<p>(2) the thicker the ink layer on the ink roller, the larger the flying ink. When proofing coated paper, when the ink layer thickness of 1.2 microns, printing plate ink only need to reach 2.8g/m2, and offset paper printing, printing plate ink should reach at least 4G/m2. When the paper to ink adhesion is not good, easy to cause ink roller heap, resulting in ink flying.</p>
<p>(3) when the ink roller surface is not uniform, dry surface cracking, part of the ink layer thickened, ink mist increased, easy to produce flying ink.</p>
<p>(4) the printing speed increases and the flying ink increases.</p>
<p>(5) low air relative humidity promotes the production of flying ink. With the increase of humidity, the charge decreases and the inkjet quantity decreases.</p>
<p>(6) too much moisture in the ink, will form a serious W/O emulsion ink, viscosity drops sharply, the ink becomes shorter, will produce serious flying ink phenomenon. At the same time, the wetting liquid immersed in the ink will also corrode the metal ink roller, and the ink roller surface to form a hydrophilic layer, the ink out of the door, resulting in metal ink roller deinking.</p>
<p>(7) high molecular weight ink binder, when the ink breaks, easy to draw growth, producing flying ink.</p><a href="">Hot Sell Swimwear Gift Box Cardboard Paper Packaging</a><br/>
<p>Three, how to eliminate flying ink</p>
<p>The main contents are as follows {Sad} 1) select high-quality alcohol-resistant ink to make it suitable for high-speed printing.</p>
<p>(2) clean the cots regularly to make the ink layer of the ink roller even and improve the ink transmission performance.</p>
<p>(3) alcohol concentration should not be controlled in 10%~15%, too low or too high.</p>
<p>(4) the amount of liquid in the bucket should not be too large, otherwise the ink will become short, which is unfavorable for printing.</p>
<p>(5) when electrolyte is added to the ink, splashing ink will be reduced. With the addition of electrolyte, the conductivity increases and the phenomenon of flying ink disappears completely.</p>

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Re: wpc deck (14th Oct 19 at 2:20am UTC)Quote Reply
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