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Gravure - Posted By zhangxiaosan (zhangxiaosan) on 31st Oct 19 at 5:24am
In addition to books and periodicals, newspapers and other main packaging materials for intaglio printing, according to the characteristics of intaglio printing, the printed products shall meet the following quality requirements.
Single color intaglio printing, bright, medium and dark tone are clear, harmonious and delicate. The outlets are clear and complete. The layout is even and tidy.
Color intaglio printing: the image is bright, medium and dark with clear layers, coordination and delicacy. The color is natural and harmonious. The outlets are clear, complete and the angle is accurate. The outline of the image is clear and the overprinter error is allowed.Personalized Kiss Cut Custom Thank You Stickers
Appearance of printed matter: the layout is clean, even and free of obvious dirt marks. The position of image and text is accurate. The color of printing plate is basically the same, the size error of fine print is not more than 0.5mm, that of general print is not more than 1.0mm, and that of positive and negative overprint is not more than 1.0mm.Hot Sale Custom Design Luxury Cardboard Paper Cosmetic Gift Packaging Boxes
Printing quality control
1. Automatic overprint device
The web gravure press is equipped with an automatic overprint device. The device is composed of scanning head, pulse generator, electronic controller, regulating motor, overprint regulating roller, etc.
When the overprint mark on the printing sheet passes through the scanning head, the pulse signal will be sent to the electronic controller. If the overprint mark of the second color is wrong before or after the mark of the first color, the pulse time will be uneven. Then the electronic controller starts the regulating motor to make the overprint regulating roller between the first color and the second color move slightly to eliminate the overprint error.
2. Electrostatic ink absorption device
Gravure printing machines are generally equipped with electrostatic ink absorption devices. The device consists of a high-voltage adjustable generator, an aluminum guide roller, a special embossing roller with surface conductivity and bottom insulation, and a stop and automatic cut-off of static electricity and overcurrent short-circuit protection mechanism. Using static electricity to adsorb the ink in the stencil holes on the substrate surface can improve the ink transfer rate by about 20%, especially the level of the bright tone part of the printed matter, which has a rich reproduction.Wholesale Cardboard Lipstick Tube Luxury Eco Lipstick Tube Colorful Cardboard Lip Balm Tube