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During the operation of the previous plate, special attention shall be paid to protect the plate from being damaged. The rules at the mouth and the push-pull rules shall be aligned, and the plate cylinder shall be fastened on the printing machine to prevent the plate cylinder from loosening during the official printing.Custom 4 Pack Beer Bottle Carrier Paper Box
Adjust the rules
After the preparation before printing is completed, carefully calibrate the plate, check the conditions of paper feeding, paper feeding, paper receiving, push-pull rules, make appropriate adjustment, correct the pressure, adjust the ink supply, and adjust the doctor blade.Custom Black Eyelash Packaging Wholesale Eyelash Gift Set Luxury Eyelash Box Manufacturer
The adjustment of the doctor blade is mainly to adjust the distance between the doctor blade and the plate and the angle of the doctor blade, so that the pressure of the doctor blade on the plate is even without damaging the plate.
Official printing
In the process of formal printing, it is necessary to check the grapefruit samples frequently, whether the dot is complete, whether the overprint is accurate, whether the ink color is bright, whether the viscosity and drying of the ink match the printing speed, whether there are traces, knife lines, knife edges, etc. on the printing sheet due to uneven scraping of the scraper.
The working site of intaglio printing shall be equipped with good ventilation equipment to eliminate harmful gases, and the solvent shall be recycled. The electrical appliances on the printing machine shall be equipped with explosion-proof devices, which shall be checked and maintained frequently to avoid fire.
The ink carrier in gravure printing is a pits engraved on the printing plate. The shape of the pits is exactly the same as that of the original manuscript. There is no ink on the surface of the printing plate. When the printing plate contacts with the substrate, the ink in the pit is transferred to the substrate surface to complete the printing process. Therefore, gravure printing has some unique characteristics different from other printing methods.
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