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Stainless steel plate - Posted By meishengchao (meishengchao) on 10th Jul 18 at 7:34am
To see whether the color of the outer surface and the inner wall of the tube is bright, smooth, uniform or rough in thickness. The general welded pipe does not need to be checked, but the seamless steel pipe is produced by cold drawing or hot rolling. In the process of production, it is easy to produce uneven thickness and cracks in the tube surface, and the surface roughness is generally seamless tube without polishing treatment. If there is no special requirement on appearance, it does not affect the use.stainless steel sheet
When purchasing, we should select excellent products evaluated by the quality and Technical Supervision Bureau. Long term use of testimony and good reputation is the most direct and effective way to purchase customers.
Internal heavy skin, pitting, and rolling green line are often found in the rolling tube. In general, these can not be avoided and basically do not affect the use, but we must choose as few as possible when choosing, especially the inner surface.316 de acero inoxidable de color de arena de la placa de chorro
We must choose stainless steel, such as TISCO stainless steel and Baosteel stainless steel.
So when we buy stainless steel plate, we must remember that we can not blindly pursue the low price of stainless steel plate and ignore the most important quality. Only high quality stainless steel plate can let me use it more comfortably.410 420 Fabricaci��n de barras planas redondas