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Discrepancy in installation instructions? - Posted By JoeClark (joeclark) on 21st Jul 17 at 8:43am

In the Knowledge Base Instructions, it says "Remove (delete) the config.php file, and the /images, /store and /files folders from the package." However, in the ReadMe Before Posting post above it only mentions removing config.php and then uploading the entire contents of the install files.

Also, the Knowledge Base article makes no mention of the /ext folder.

Shoulder the /ext folder be deleted from the server before uploading the new version? If not, should the upload files overwrite/replace the previous version ones?

The knowledge base article also mentions deleting the /vendor folder. The ReadMe Post does not.

I'm a newbie so maybe I'm just not getting a clear picture? I'm at 3.2.0 now and I do have an official extension installed. Which instruction set should I be following? Thanks for the clarification in advance.
Thank you !!

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