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Blue-Brian-Leetch-Jersey (10th Feb 18 at 5:54am UTC)
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When you think about it , golf is about the most well mannered sport in the world. Nobody is ever going to see Tiger Woods hip check one of his opponents on the fifth hole. The Golden Bear never ran after anyone with his club held over his head. Nobody gets called any variety of body part or farm animal just as they bend their head to tee up. The game is a gentle person s game, that is enjoyable and fun, if you cannot follow the rules you should try some other sport. The game is quiet, almost tranquil, without the finger pointing, name calling or chair swinging of other sports. Even for the beginning golfer, learning golf manners is just as important as learning the oth    er rules and scoring.

I recommend that all beginners join the USGA and your state or local Golf association. As they say it is for the good of the game. The USGA will send you a copy of the rule book every year. I think every year they change something. You do not have to study the book to be a rules official , but you need to know the basics. Remember every course has the right to alter the rules to suit local play.

One of the most basic rules begins before you even tee up that very first shot. Find out about the dress code of the course that you are playing at, and try to adhere to it as closely as possible. I have seen more than one person buy new clothes in the pro shop because they came to play wearing the wrong attire. Make sure that you know what kind of shoes you should be wearing cleated or not. Better to change all your shoes to soft cleats and you will have no problems.

If you are using a golf cart, make sure that you park far enough away that you will not impede other golfers, or better yet, walk the course when you can.If you do use the cart, follow the cart rules of the day.Never drive the cart in standing water, on wet ground or in mud.

Next , you should know that during each player s tee shot, there is no talking to allow for supreme concentration. Don t stand in someone s line of vision, and leave your cell phone at the clubhouse or set it to vibrate.

Pay attention to the game, even when it is not your turn, and be ready to play when it is your turn. Nobody wants to have to keep reminding an adult that it is their turn, nor do they want to stand around and wait while you get yourself situated and ready to go. You should be lining up your next shot, going over what you would like to do before you ever walk up to the tee.

Know who has honers (first to play) , and the subsequent order thereafter for each hole. In most cases, the first player on a new hole is the one who had the lowest score on the last one. Of course, if there is a tie, then whoever had honers on the previous hole to that one retains the honor until lost.

Make sure that you know where everybody is, including all others who might be on the course around you. Not only do you have to see where your own group is, take a look around before taking your swing, not all golfers stay on their hole.

Also , be aware of the speed with which your group is playing. Are the folks behind you ready to declare war on you? If you are playing at a slightly slower speed than the group behind you, invite them to go ahead and play through to avoid holding them up unduly. In the same respect, if you find that you are behind a slower group, and they have not invited you to play through, then you should remain calm and polite without any semblance of trying to rush or hurry them.

And finally, do not tear up the course without making an effort at repairing the divots. Do not leave trash behind, nor allow any member of your group to do so. Be a responsible golfer.
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